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Valuable insights for POD Merchants

MerchCosmos BETA provides you with a vast overview of all your print-on-demand sales and helps you with the cross-platform analysis of your designs.

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A single dashboard for all platforms

All of your sales at a glance

MerchCosmos BETA combines data from the most popular print-on-demand marketplaces and displays them in a convenient dashboard.
View combined analysis data or compare the performance of your products on individual platforms.

MerchCosmos BETA supports the platforms Merch by Amazon, and
Via our Chrome Extension you will be informed immediately about every new sale.

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Your personal business analyst

How MerchCosmos works in your Chrome Browser

With the help of the extension MerchCosmos BETA collects your sales on the different marketplaces and evaluates them for you to view in the dashboard.
The extension even logs you back in automatically as soon as you are logged out of the marketplaces.

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Highest security

The passwords you use to log in automatically never leave your computer and are only stored locally.

Compliant with GDPR

As we are located in Germany, we are committed to the strictest regulations to protect your personal data and sales information.

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Why MerchCosmos

The most extensive POD dashboard


Find all key figures relevant to your business in one place.


The analysis data displays the tops and flops of your product range at a glance.


Monitor your sales in real time and get notified of new sales directly on your device.

Community SOON

Become part of our community and benefit from exclusive recommendations and the MC discussion forum.

For the community

MerchCosmos is free forever

MerchCosmos offers you the easiest cross-platform POD analysis. With MerchCosmos Pro you will bring your business to the next level.

  • All features of MerchCosmos Free
  • Automagical marketplace relogin
  • Extended analysis tools
  • Access to historical sales data
  • Grouping and combined analysis of different products   SOON
  • Early access to new supported marketplaces

10€ per month

  • All-in-one crossplatform Dashboard
  • Graphical representation of sales in the last 30 days
  • Automatic data collection via Chrome extension
  • Instant sales notification
  • Live total revenue calculation



Frequently asked Questions

Can I use MerchCosmos without the extension?

The extension is necessary to collect your sales data from the different platforms. You can use the MerchCosmos Dashboard without the extension, but no new sales data will be collected.

Is my data safe on MerchCosmos?

Yes, we take privacy very seriously and store all user data on secure, encrypted servers in Germany. We are a German company and therefore subject to the GDPR guidelines.

What does MerchCosmos BETA mean?

MerchCosmos is currently still in development. We are doing our best to make MerchCosmos an excellent product and are constantly working on improving the analysis capabilities and adding new platforms and features.

Why does MerchCosmos need my Login Data for the merchant platforms?

Our extension needs your login data to log you back into the platforms when your login expires. Your login data is stored localy on your machine, and never leaves your system. If you are still uneasy about that, you can just log yourself back in when you are logged out, without typing your password into the extension.

How are different currencies handled?

For your dashboard we convert all sales data into Euro and convert them back into the currency you selected in the dashboard. We use the historical exchange rate of the day / month when the sale was made.

Does MerchCosmos work on mobile devices?

Yes, you can use the dashboard on mobile devices. Due to the missing chrome extension, it is not possible to capture new sales data on mobile devices.

Recommended by the community

MerchCosmos is used and recommended by numerous well-known community members.

What are you waiting for? Join in and benefit from the unique simplicity MerchCosmos offers you!

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